Throughout the school year Future Voices offers a unique array of in-class film workshops, or modules, to enhance your class curriculum and to support the production of your student’s three-minute films. We have professional filmmakers and experts in various fields that we send to your classes, if you choose. We offer everything from pre-production to post-production workshops, professional sound design, short film screenings, guest speakers, make-up artists, and much more.

Photography classes can have a professional that will visit the classroom to speak with your students and provide additional knowledge and support to your class curriculum.

We understand that our participating schools and organizations come from completely different backgrounds both culturally and economically in their respected schools and all have different students and various levels of administrative support. We are all different, but we are all creative, and together we can become a resourceful team of film and photo educators. Our hope is that through these modules and support services, each student producing film and photographs will be given a more equal opportunity to create high quality creative pieces.

The Future Voices team wants to meet the needs of your individual students and of your unique programs. If there are any specific areas you would like modules offered in, please let us know. The basic modules that are offered are listed below and on this PDF sheet. We extend other exciting opportunities as they become available throughout the year.

Modules offered:

  • Music and sound
  • Scripting and Storytelling / Storyboarding
  • Short film screenings and brainstorming sessions
  • Professional photography slideshows and class discussions
  • Table Reads*
  • First Edit Preview**

* “Table Reads” is a fun exercise in which students are prepared with the scripts to sit around a table as a group during class and read through their storyline idea or developed story idea. We brainstorm ideas and give professional advice on production.

** “First Edit Preview” is similar to Table Reads, where our filmmaking team returns to view the first edit of student productions. This is great if it can be done as a group, similar to the Table Read. This provides advice on editing, structure, and general feedback.

Contact us today to set up any of these workshops!