Future Voices of New Mexico is a collaborative filmmaking project that takes its inspiration from working with indigenous and under-represented voices from around the world. By bringing together teachers, filmmakers, and various cultural institutions, we have launched a project the encourages high school students from around the country to tell stories through film and photography. Utilizing renowned filmmakers and photographers, we have created filmmaking  and photography modules that are brought into the schools. In addition, we have created agency within the schools by bolstering their equipment and resources. Our team collaborates with local teachers to engage students at all stages of the filmmaking and photography process, including pursuing careers in the industry.

Filmmaker Marcella Ernest is the program manager. On the photography side we are thrilled to have as a partner the Santa Fe Photo Workshops. Because of the commitment of Reid Callanan, the director, and Michael Webb, we have seasoned photographers go into the classrooms and work with the students.

Through our partnership with the Lensic Performing Arts Theatre, we are able to screen our students’ best work in old downtown Santa Fe. Other partners within the community are The Bonanza Creek Ranch and The Indigenous Language Institute. Bonanza Creek Ranch is a working movie set that has had over 130 films and promotes our students work by allowing students to utilize sets on the ranch for their films. The Indigenous Language Institute provides vital language related services that empower native communities by creating speakers of original languages and preserving individual identity and traditional wisdom.

While filmmaking and photography are the results of this work, we believe in the power of the creative process to inspire students to dream beyond high school. To add agency to these dreams, we have partnered with IATSE Local 480. The strength of the film industry in New Mexico allows our students to capitalize on these dreams and pursue the jobs that exist within the film industry.